110, 2016

Chronicle of the Humanitarian Mission of VIDA Onlus in Calcutta – 2016

By |1, October, 2016|News|

In August 2016, as every year, a humanitarian mission to Calcutta has been organized by the association “VIDA”, an NGO that belongs to the big family of VIS Foundation.. “V.I.D.A.” is its operational arm in this Asian Country. Our team was formed by 7 voluntaries coming from Spain, Italy, United States and South Korea.

The volunteers have worked in different centres. First of all, the volunteers operated in the centre of “Nabo Jibon”, managed by the

2909, 2016

Brief Chronicle of the 2016 Humanitarian Mission of VIS Foundation in El Salvador

By |29, September, 2016|News|

During the month of July 2016 VIS Foundation has organized, for the second consecutive year, a humanitarian mission in El Salvador. The 21 volunteers that have participated were from Spain and France, many of which students or ex students of the Highlands School of Barcelona, due to an accord between this Institution and our Foundation.

The mission took place in our “Mano Amiga” College, that is situated in the department of La Paz of this central

1709, 2015

Humanitarian Mission 2015 of VIS Foundation in El Salvador: #proudtobeavolunteer

By |17, September, 2015|News|

From 11 August to 1st September 2015, some volunteers of VIS Foundation left their countries and made a humanitarian mission in El Salvador, in the heart of Central America.

A few days before the departure, Pope Francis spoke during the Angelus on Sunday, about the serious problems of this country, hardly hit by violence and social injustice. The tragic news of the daily murders, in continues rise, affecting more areas of El Salvador due to the