The VIS Foundation, in its International net, includes three types of centers or aid, cultural and training institutions for children, adolescents and young people coming from the poorest places in the world:

Affiliated Centers

They are institutions, which are independent from a legal, logistic and economic point of view that cooperate with our International net and that are checked by VIS Foundation through a majority presence inside their Board of Directors.

Certificated Centers

They are independent institutions that receive by the VIS Foundation a free consultant service that ends with a quality certification. This process includes, in some cases, the material support. The consultant service includes the legal, managing, administrative, technological, educational, and school’s environment with the funds’ raising.

The friendly centers

They are independent institutions that belong to the net, through collaboration, because interested in promoting synergies and exchanges of different types. VIS Foundation finances some projects to grant a more effective service for their beneficiaries.