VIS Foundation is in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Concretely in the following countries:


europeConcretely in Italy, VIS Foundation includes in its net three important institutions.

“Fondazione Cirino La Rosa”, in the peripheral quarter of San Giorgio – Librino near Catania. This foundation helps children and adolescents, offering them aid and quality teaching, in places where mafia, criminality and poverty have created groups of serious social uneasiness.

“Casa di tutte le genti” (“Everybody’s home”) in Palermo, in the area of Zisa, one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the city. This centre hosts about 50 children, boys and girls, coming from problematic family backgrounds, social exclusion or extreme poverty. Many of these children are non-European. It also offers an educational-playful path supporting the concept of parenthood, run by immigrant women, that aims at preparing the minors’social rehabilitation.

“Guadagna Operation” in the neighborhood of Guadagna, Palermo (Sicily), in collaboration with the Missionaries of Charity, our weekly volunteers distribute food, clothing, furniture and other donations among the poorest people in that area.

“Parish of Saint Lucia alla Sala” in the district of Piagge, the most disadvantaged of Florence, our volunteers work monthly with donations of food that is distributed among the poorest families in the district.

“Piagge Mission” in collaboration with the Missionaries of Charity, that have their centre in this suburb of the city of Florence, our volunteers support the educational needs of the poorest children in the area donating also food and diapers to support the humanitarian emergencies in the neighborhood.

Parish Counseling Centre “Our Lady of Lourdes.” In the heart of La Zisa, one of the most deprived areas of the city of Palermo, our Foundation is working with this parish giving the Counseling Centre: food, clothing and other basic necessities for the poorest families in the area.

Educative Community for Minors “Stella del Cammino”: is located on the outskirts of Rome and gives hospitality to minors in a state of social exclusion. Since 2015 we support this center with  volunteers thanks to an agreement with the “Università Europea di Roma”.

Emergency earthquake 2016: our Foundation has made a donation to the “Caritas” Centers of the Dioceses of Rieti and Ascoli Piceno to sustain the most urgent needs of the people that have suffred the effects of the earthquake during the month of August in the center of Italy.

We opened a  center of listening and solidarity in the area of Picanello, in Catania, concretely in the parish of San Giuseppe in Ognina. Every week, we distribute food to the most needy families and offer free psychological, medical and professional counseling in various areas.

Educative Community for Minors “Father Annibale of France” also called “Antoniano”: in the outskirts of the city of Florence, this Centre welcomes orphans or children in a state of marginalization but also single mothers who live there with their children. throughout the year our Foundation provides the Centre with food, clothing and other basic necessities.

In Spain, the VIS Foundation supports two charities helping poor children and young boys and girls, sometimes coming from backgrounds characterised by disadvantage and poverty, belonging to our international network:

“Residencia Infantil Emmanuel”: it is located on the outskirts of Barcelona, exactly in Sant Just Desvern municipality. It hosts 12 children and teenegers, many of which have immigrant parents. This institution offers education, instruction and day care to the disadvantaged, in a familiar environment. The RIE helps the children in all the aspects of their life (food, clothes, education, psychological counselling, citizenship, socialization, etc…) so that they can be normally re-integrated in society. Our organisation supports them thanks to our volunteers and to the first humanitarian aid.

“Hogar San José de la Montaña”, situated in Barcelona. The centre hosts 60 children (boys and girls) coming from particularly disadvantaged social backgrounds, at the risk of social marginalization. It is run by the congregation “Madres de los Desamparados y san José de la Montaña”. The VIS Foundation backs them with volunteers and financial resources earmarked for the minors’ full spectrum education.

In Madrid, we signed an agreement with the Francisco de Vitoria University concerning that young students do social service through our organization in the Centres of the Missionaries of Charity in the Spanish capital, specifically in the refectory for the poor and help in a Centre that gives hospitality to young people affected by AIDS .

Bosnia Erzegovina: from 2016 our Foundation sustains a humanitarian project in this Country of the Balkans thanks to an accord with the italian organization of Padua “Missionary Youth”. VIS Foundation sends humanitarian help, mainly in the form of food and other goods of first necessity that are distributed among hundreds of poor families of the zone of Ijubuski Humac and among refugees.

Latin America

latamIn Brazil, on the outskirts of the megalopolis of Sao Paulo, VIS Foundation has a school “Mao Amiga” in the most disadvantaged “favela” of the City. This school counts more than 400 students from kindergarten to junior high school.

In Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries due to the violence of narcotraffic, our network helps and offers professional advice in 23 centres: 12 in the capital, 10 in Mexico State (Estado de México) and 1 in Monterrey (Nuevo León) for a total of about  2000 boys and girls. These centres perform their humanitarian efforts both on reception centres and schools for the poorest

In El Salvador, we manage a school “Mano Amiga San Antonio” in the department of La Paz. We offer education and many other educational activities for 350 boys and teenagers of the marginalized areas of this country strongly affected by the criminal phenomenon of “maras”. Moreover, we run the “Nuestra Señora de Lourdes” clinic, that offers first aid and pharmaceutical services to the poor of the area. In year 2015, we have started a new project named “La Colorada”; It is a small community, nearly all fishermen, just down abroad Jaltepeque (a dipartment in La Paz), at the outfall of the Lempa River, where we built several necessary structures of the community, such as the school, the church, etc.

In Costa Rica there are due centres that belong to our international network situated on the outskirts of the capital San José:  a family home with 48  boys and girls and teenagers all orphans, called “Casa de Pan”, and another one called “Hogar Fe Viva” that gives hospitality to 24 boys victims of maltreatment, violence and abuses.

In Guatemala, we collaborate with the school “Mano Amiga” that is situated in the Capital. About 150 boys and girls attend the new school where we offer professional advice and humanitarian aid. We are working to screen the work with new structures that can triple the number of students in the coming years.

In Ecuador, in 2016 we brought forth an urgent campain to support the people that have suffered the effects of the terrible earthquake that struck the South American country. Although, in a first moment, are interest was to buy a camping kitchen urgently so that a hot meal could be offered to the people that had lost their houses and lived on road, since this necessity was covered by another organization, the funds gathered were destined to the construction of the house for a family that had lost everything in the near zone of Guayaquil.


africaNear Victoria Lake, in the core of the black continent, VIS Foundation faces humanitarian emergency caused by AIDS, famine, war and diseases.

From 2016 VIS Foundation sustains the social work that the Rogazioniste Sisters do in Cameroon, concretely in the zone of Elogbatindi (B.P. 431. Edea). The project consists of offering a home for the abandoned children, distributing food and medicines among the poorest families in the zone and financing scholarships for girls that are studying professional formation in the centre of “Marie Mere de Vocations”

In Tanzania we support the “Village of Joy” that helps more than 500 children, where malaria dominates.

In Ruanda, where the war left hundreds of orphans, VIS supports the distance adoption of the children of the center “Nolite Timere”.

In Uganda, where an extreme poverty reigns, our foundation supports the reception center managed by “I care” in Mulagi.

In Madagascar we support “Bambini di Manina” in the isle of Nosy Be, in 2013 we will give financial support to 5 classes for 300 children coming from the poorest places.

Finally, in Kenya, we are payingr the nursing studies for three students in  Tabaka Mission Hospital, that are unable to pay the school fees. The university is located in the area near Kisii and is hold by the fathers Camilliani. In this area, approximately 70% of the population is  victim of AIDS.


asiaIn Asia, the VIS Foundation can be found in India, where it gives humanitarian assistance, contributing to the development through ONG VIDA Onlus (Volunteers for International Development Associated), which is our operating arm in this country. Thanks to the formal subscription of VIDA Association to the VIS Foundation, our organisation helps 31 charities and projects belonging to our international network. For further information and details, visit the VIDA website:

In Philippines, we are helping the Mano Amiga Academy in the construction of a new building for the school.

In Vietnam VIS Foundation sustains the social work that of the daughters of the Blessed Virgin of the Saint Rosary near Nam Dinh, in the north part of the Country. From 2016 we have sent resources to distribute food to the poorest families in the area and sustain the costs of cares and medicines that children and young people receive in their hospital. Besides, the missionaries run a maternal school for children from the age of two (2) to six (6).