sv16-33During the month of July 2016 VIS Foundation has organized, for the second consecutive year, a humanitarian mission in El Salvador. The 21 volunteers that have participated were from Spain and France, many of which students or ex students of the Highlands School of Barcelona, due to an accord between this Institution and our Foundation.

The mission took place in our “Mano Amiga” College, that is situated in the department of La Paz of this central American country. The volunteers have lived in this period in the clinic of “Our Lady of Lourdes”, that is situated in front of the educational complex, adapted for the occasion in a volunteers’ camp. The uneasiness that have had to be faced didn’t decreased their enthusiasm, but, contrarily, after some days, the volunteers have shown more joy in the advance of the humanitarian mission.

The pupils of the school have welcomed with great affection the volunteers. Different jobs have been done like: painting murals in the Kindergarten, putting in order the library, teaching English language or values, painting the external enclosure and the basketball ground, planting plants as part of the formation towards the respect of the environment, etc. Besides, a group of priests present during the mission, have celebrated mass everyday giving the possibility to receive the Holy Communion and also offered the possibility to receive the sacrament of the Confession. The most important thing has certainly been the friendship that was made between the volunteers and the students of the school.

sv16-20In the weeks end the volunteers have had the opportunity to visit some meaningful places of the Country: the Museum of Anthropology, the handicraft market, , lake Coatepeque, the volcano Boqueron, the archaeological sites of the “Maya” in St. Andrés and even more. Besides they have enjoyed a sporting event with the students, ex students and teachers of the Highlands College of San Salvador. Particularly interesting has been the meeting with the businessman Guillermo Siman, that has given his testimony as a businessman and a Catholic.

Another part of the mission took place in the tropical mangroves of Jaltepeque, particularly in the community of “La Colorada.” The volunteers have worked in the school of the small village, done the cleaning and restructuring completely the roof with the help of some inhabitants of the place. This has been a particularly enriching experience for the volunteers, also for the natural beauties of the place. The moments of relax and cohabitation are not missed, particularly appreciated by everybody. The Bishop of Zacatecoluca has wanted to personally thank the volunteers for the job done during the mission and he wanted to celebrate the holy Mass in the “Mano Amiga” College, in which the whole educational community participated.

sv16-24The last day has been particularly exciting. The students of the school and all the personnel have expressed with great emotion a sincere gratitude for this month spent together with the volunteers. Everybody agreed that it had been an unforgettable mission and many expressed the desire to repeat it as soon as possible. Also the volunteers agreed affirming that it had been one of the best experiences of their life and that it had notably changed the way to see their own lives and the world. The whole staff of the VIS Foundation desires to thank by heart the volunteers for the extraordinary job done, as well as the staff of “Mano Amiga” College and the other people that with so much love have contributed to make the 2016 humanitarian mission of VIS Foundation a marvellous success.