Who we are

VIS Foundation sustains in Vietnam the social work that of the daughters of the Blessed Virgin of the Saint Rosary near Nam Dinh, in the north part of the Country. From 2016 we have sent resources to distribute food to the poorest families in the area and sustain the costs of cares and medicines that children and young people receive in their hospital. Besides, the missionaries run a maternal school for children from the age of two (2) to six (6).

dsc_3452In other countries in the world, the Onlus VIS Foundation works no profit, in the field of International solidarity and of the development cooperation. It is lay and independent and promotes International activities of aid, education, training and support of childhood, adolescence and young people who suffer from material and social unease because of familiar, economic or social conditions or from environmental underdevelopment or from their belonging to poor countries or staying under a state of emergency, as expression of the moral value of human solidarity and social Justice.

What we do

VIS Foundation is engaged in the creation of aid centers and of schools in the world’s places where a particular social emergency is needed and supports the already existent institutions that work in this field. Furthermore, the Foundation is engaged in the organization of cultural, social and educational activities; training volunteers and trainers; spreading the solidarity culture; promoting human rights; creating scholarships; promoting International exchanges and relief funds; facilitating distance adoption and so on.

Our logo

logo_vThe logo of VIS Foundation has in its background the green colour, the colour of hope. The three stylized little statues represent the children of all the world’s races . They are in a hand that, binding itself, symbolizes aid, protection, care; three words meaning solidarity. The open book is the house’s roof, meaning aid accompanied by instruction, fundamental instrument for the growth and development. The slogan is: “The power of Charity”, because VIS means power in Latin.

Our name

The name “Villaggio for International Solidarity” is intended to indicate that now the world has become a “global village” and that all men, even those further away, are our brothers. This concept is putted in evidence by the word “International” inviting us to build bridges and not to build walls, overcoming prejudices and racial or ethnic exclusivism, in search of peace and progress of all people. In addition, “Solidarity” clearly defines our mission which is the promotion and consolidation of solidarity among people activating projects in favour of those who suffer marginalization, poverty or any form of social disadvantage. “Villaggio”, finally, was written in Italian to point out the national identity in which our Organization was born and where  it later spread among different continents of the world.